What is a Travel Planner ?

The Travel Planner is an expert of a destination or an experience (diving, hiking, family trips…) who wishes to share his passion for travel while increasing his income.

He plans the itinerary or the stay that best suits his clients' tastes according to their budget, and using his knowledge of the region or his specialty (sports, travel with baby…).

The Travel Planner knows the best deals and selects the best services to build a tailor-made stay adapted to the travelers.

And the remuneration? If trip planning is generally a complementary activity for the Travel Planner, this profession is developing and some consider making it their main activity.

Travel Planner profiles

We are looking for different high potential Travel Planner profiles

  • Professional Travel Planners: they are specialists in a destination or an activity and are providers of advice, they are independent consultants who are paid for their expertise

  • Hosts and guides: AirBnB or AirBnB Experiences hosts, lecturers or independent guides, B&B managers, etc. With Vialala, they get paid on complete trips: in fact, in addition to their own services, they earn on all the others: accommodations, transportation, car rentals, complementary activities, etc.

  • Tourism professionals: these are independent travel agents, receptive, or any other tourism professional able to offer complete services

  • The "connected": they are influencers, bloggers, digital nomads or web writers specialized in travel. Some of them live abroad and write about their experience on the web, others travel the world with their mobile office. These are professional travelers who already have a community with whom they share their passion. With Vialala, they can go beyond simple advice and market entire trips to their followers.

  • Individuals: expats, locals, students or PVTists, they start out of passion or after a first experience of organization for their relatives.

Travel planner, trip planner, personal concierge ?

In the internet jungle, specific terms qualifying travel organizers are multiplying: trip planner, travel planner, travel coach, travel organizer, travel assistant, etc. But how can we make sense of it?

What is the difference between a trip planner and a travel planner?

There is no difference! They are travel organizers. There are several terms to designate them but their role is the same: to help you plan your trip, service by service.

What is the difference between a Travel Planner and a personal concierge?

The Travel Planner does not necessarily live in the region he/she specializes in, and therefore cannot offer you services on site.

The personal concierge has the same role as the Travel Planners but is on site and can offer you his services after your arrival: concierge, accompaniment, reception, etc.

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