Vialala's features and tools

Vialala allows anyone wishing to market trips to create personalized quotes to send to their customers. Then Vialala takes care of managing all the services booked as part of the trip created.

The main features

Our fully integrated platform covers the entire travel chain:

  • Inspiration

  • Sourcing

  • Creation and promotion (travel ideas)

  • Personalization and sending of tailor-made quotes

  • Sale of the trip and customer collection

  • Reservations and management of each service with suppliers

  • Integration of the travel contract, vouchers and other documents into the Vialala "travel companion" app
  • Customer assistance until the travelers return (WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, email, phone, etc.)

Vialala tools

  • The platform: the Vialala platform allows you to create and market your trips online and present them to travelers with ease. You can build quotes based on your travel ideas, or directly inspired by your clients' desires.

  • Sourcing: our travel creation tool integrates an unlimited catalog of partners (air, hotels, experiences, car rental but also eco-responsible partners) thanks to our network of professional reservation centers that are constantly enriched to offer you the best of the travel world. This catalog is at your disposal, but you can also bring all your good plans "directly" with your service providers, or bring your own services (airport welcome, guided tour….). You can then add all these services to your catalog of services.

  • Personalized quotes: Vialala allows each Travel Planner to add or remove services to a quote. This way, you can create 100% customized quotes that correspond exactly to your clients' wishes. Not only do you save them a lot of time, but you also give them access to "good deals" that they cannot find by themselves.

  • Customer contact: You can easily communicate with your customers about their wishes to customize their quotes through our various communication channels: Vialala messaging, e-mail and telephone. You can also keep a record of each conversation

  • Payment: once travelers validate their customized travel quote, they pay a first deposit of 50% and have nothing to do but pack their bags

  • Reservations of services: as soon as the deposit is paid, Vialala takes over and takes care of each reservation with the suppliers. We purchase each service individually, not as an all-in-one package, which allows us to obtain the best prices and optimal operational follow-up.

  • Administrative management and "travel companion": from the reservation of services to the departure of clients, our team takes care of every administrative aspect with respect to clients and suppliers. Vialala contracts with the traveler, books the services with partners, produces vouchers and invoices for each service, and then follows up with the customers during their stay. You can access all the important documents for each service in the Vialala "travel companion" app.

  • 24-7 assistance: once travelers have left on vacation, their peace of mind remains our priority. That's why they benefit from 24-7 assistance: whatever their needs, they can contact us via their preferred channel (WhatsApp, e-mail, Discord), and we take care of them individually until they are fully satisfied.

  • 100% mobile: Vialala is a 100% mobile platform, it can be accessed from your computer or your phone with the application available on Google Play. Take your agency with you, anywhere!

  • The roadbook: the roadbook is automatically generated from your personalized quotes. It is delivered to your client and contains summary maps of each day, with information related to the services.

  • Promotion: Vialala promotes your offers to help you develop your clientele. We analyze trends and seasons to invest in promoting your content at the right times. We are constantly working on the platform's referencing to give you even more visibility.

  • Guarantees and insurances: Vialala allows you to sell trips legally thanks to our Atout France registration. With Vialala, you are not legally responsible to your clients. Moreover, we offer additional insurance to your customers, thanks to our partner Chapka Assurances, which offers insurance in case of cancellation of the trip or in case of problems abroad.

  • Training: the travel planners referenced by Vialala are all different and, in addition to living in the four corners of the world, they are in very different administrative situations (expats, bloggers, guides, agents…). We therefore offer regular training webinars, which allow us to support the community in the use of technical tools but also to work together to develop the business of each. Various topics are covered, from managing your social networks to optimizing your quotes on Vialala, including sessions focused on tourism production. We complement these webinars with personalized coaching workshops that allow us to adapt to your individual needs. Finally, our team is always available to answer your questions and to support you, especially on our Discord server where we are permanently connected.

  • Other resources: to help you in your activity as a self-employed entrepreneur and to allow you to be always up to date with the latest trends in tourism, we put at your disposal numerous studies that we have compiled on consumer habits and trends in tourism. For your administrative management, we also provide you with invoice templates that you can use for your freelance activity.

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