The remuneration system

You can include several types of services in your trip ideas and invoices.

  • The services you provide yourself: advice, accompanying, welcoming, etc. You set the price of these services and we keep 10%.
  • The services you include in your circuit but do not provide. You can find these services in the bed banks we give you access to or you can contact your own suppliers and negociate with them directly.
    On these services, we split the commission (5 to 10% of the public price on average).

Therefore, the remuneration is calculated for each service depending on who provides it and then additioned to make up the remuneration for the whole trip.

Here is an example using a 2-night long week-end:

Total priceTrip designer's payVialala's pay
Airport welcoming that you provide60€54€6€
2 hotel nights with 20% of commission (that we share)200€20€20€
Trip planning service that you provide and applies to the whole trip30€27€3€
Total for the week-end 290€101€29€

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