The client's guarantees

Mutual trust

Vialala is an Atout France registered french travel agency and it offers its clients all the necessary guarantees. Vialala also offers completory insurances (cancelation, etc.) thanks to its specialised partners, who also supply specific insurances dedicated to students and expatriates in general.

Atout France safeguards

Vialala has been registered to Atout France- APST and the Entreprises du Voyage register since 2017.

A counter-guarantee of 120 000€ was provided by Vialala to the Entreprises du Tourisme Solidarity Fund. As is customary, this amount allows the agency to insure its clients and repatriate them if necessary in extreme cases.

Vialala is also insured and its civil liability is up to date.

Vialala & Chapka Insurances

Chapka Insurances provides the travelers with several types of insurances, including Covid insurances.

You can find all of their packages on their website.

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