Vialala's tools

Your all-in-one travel creation platform.

Vialala allows you to create and sell trips and tours via a simple online platform. It also allows you to build your own catalog and display your products clearly and simply.

Our team is here to guide you every step of the way and answer your questions if necessary.

The roadbook

Once you have established a quote for a client, our website allows you to generate a roadbook automatically and effortlessly. The roadbook, containing information, maps and photos for each day, is delivered to your client as soon as he books his stay.

The promotion

Vialala promotes your trip ideas to bring you travelers. We analyze the tedencies of the market and determine the right moments to promote your work and invest in your content.

Furthermore, we are always working on the website: from search engine optimization to the creation of new tools, we strive to offer you the best product !


As an Atout France registered travel agency, Vialala is able to form partnerships with professionnal tourism entities like bed banks. We give you access to those partner's catalogs, full of diverse services (car rental, activities, hotel rooms, etc.) that you can book for your clients at professionnal rates.

Guarantees and insurances

Working with Vialala allows you to be covered by the Atout France insurance and sell trips legally. Thanks to us, you are not legally responsible towards the client, we are. We make a contrat with the traveler and insure him so that you can focus on planning his holidays.

Furthermore, we offer complementary insurances to your clients, as it is mandatory for agencies to do so. For that, we have chosen Chapka Insurances, an insurer offering different levels of coverage according to the destination and duration of the trip.

Administration of your trips

Vialala is in charge of all the administration of a trip, both towards the traveler and travel designer. We make a legally binding contract with the client and produce a voucher for each service the traveler buys. We also negociate the prices with providers when necessary, make the bookings, provide the cash advances and handle the cancellation of the trip if there is one, which is particularly useful in case of Covid-19 lockdown for instance.


The travel designers registered on Vialala are all different: they're from all over the world, have different bakgrounds and different status (expatriate, bloggers, guides, etc.) and that's why we offer different training courses in the form of webinars.

In those, we broach a wide variety of subjects, from technical support to the promotion of your trip ideas. We also give you tools that you can use in your overall activity: how to optimize your own website, use your social media to self promote, elaborate the perfect trip, etc.

And to complete the webinars, we also regularly plan workshop sessions to help you create your trips and answer all of your questions.

Other ressources

To help you however we can and allow you to keep up with tourism's latest tendencies, we curate and put at your disposal many studies on tourism. You'll learn how millennials buy their trips, which platforms they use the most, how much boomers spend per trip on average, how is gen Z evolving in regards to travel, etc.

For your own administration, we also provide you with invoice mockups, quote mockups, excel sheets, etc. that you can use in your freelance activity in general.

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