Service types

The services you can include in your trip ideas fall into several categories:

  • Accomodation: from a hotel room to an entire house, you can include the ccomodation you feel is right for your trip
  • Activity: tours, excursions, guided tours, etc. All the activities that can be booked and paid in advance go here.
  • Transportation: private transfer or bus ride, it's transportation
  • Catering: catering is paid on site most of the time. If you want to book a table at a restaurant for your customer and charge him a reservation fee that's the prestation type you'll want to use. If the food can be paid in advance, use this one too. If not, it's just advice.
  • Trip planning: this service allows you to earn money for your advice in the form of a trip planning package for the duration of the trip. More information here.
  • All inclusive circuit: for agencies who have pre-built packages.
  • Welcoming: you can use this service if you welcome the client yourself. You can add a transfer to this.
  • Advice for a service: this service applies to the free advice you give your client. It can be free activities (the visit of a certain neighborhood for instance) or services that are to be paid on site (restaurants). It is merely an indicative information. More information here.
  • Vehicle rental
  • Plane: for plane tickets.

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