Which customers to target?

Before building your trip offer and publishing it on Vialala, you need to know who you're building it for. We can promote your products to several types of customers so you're free to choose ! And why not create several variations of the same trip but for different clients ?
To help you create the perfect trip, here are some questions you can ask yourself before beginning.

  • Which trip is it ? Is it a thematic trip focused on a particular activity (sports, photography, etc.) ?
  • Where is it happening ? On the seashore or the moutains ? In a city ?
  • When is it happening ? Is there a special or seasonal event linked to the trip ?
  • For and with whom ? Is it a family trip or a romantic getaway ?
  • Why is the client traveling ? Is it to relax, to party or to learn ?

Once you have the answers to these, you're ready to get creating !

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