How to optimize my profile?

Here are some suggestions to enhance your profile and allow us to promote it to potential customers.

Your picture

  • Format: the picture's ratio should be 4 : 5, for a maximum size of 1080x1350 pixels.
  • What's good:
    • It's better to have a profile picture taken in a natural light, where you are smilling, you look at the camera and the customer can see your face clearly. You shouldn't use photo montages and any addition of graphic elements (logos, emojis, frames, etc.) is discommended.
    • You can use apps or programs to enhance your pictures.
    • It is better to show your entire face and not zoom in on parts of it.
    • The subject of the picture should be centered, thus allowing it to be shown on mobile where the picture will appear cropped.
    • The background shouldn't be too cluttered, lest it draws the attention of the user away from the face.
  • What's not good:
    • You should avoid black and white pictures, too bland to be efficient.
    • Your pictures should not include violence or nudity.

The content of your profile

  • Your description should be 800 characters long (800 max, 500 min).
  • You should proofread your texts.

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